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Alu - the Melting Time

Alu is a China-based independent design brand. The latest design sunglass series of Alu is inspired by Salvador Dalí ’s mastage. In order to pay our respect to Dali, we particularly choose the train station with a dramatic twisty line  - Arnhem Central Station, which is very similar to the giant geometry in Dali’s art work of Atavistic Ruins after the Rain. Moreover, the train station, as a non-place, is a perfect anthropological site to capture the overlap of space and time. The concept is able to shed the light of Dali’s doubt in the time’s memorability and persistence. 
We invited two entirely different models, Alice and Hui, to present the contrary sides behind super-realism. Standing under the same picture of vivid color and screwy abstract architecture, they performed a fancy of future and past, west and east, female and male. 

Model: Alice Grace

             Huichun Hoi

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