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WeekendVision majorly formed by a group of photographers with design backgrounds, including graphic design, architecture design and urban planning. The study and practice on different scales of space and beauty for years, have given us different attitude and expression towards the nature, the city, and the buildings. Space, composition, proportion, light and color, consist our most particular concern, through which we hope that our special understanding can work well with different needs of customers, as the most unique atmosphere can be showed on each lovely photography tour. 



Based on different spatial types and colors, we roughly divided our shooting into two groups, “the nature” and “the city” , the interactions among people/products and the surroundings, the environment and the light are always the most important factors, with the combination of which we believe and hope that our shooting objects can reach the most natural states in front of the camera . We believe that everything is different and special, as there must be certain weather, color, space and place which fit one well, so before shooting, we will carry out a detailed communication with the clients, according to the preferences we set up different shooting missions. 


Photographer, MVRDV Architect, WeekendVision Co-founder


Photographer, MVRDV Architect, WeekendVision Co-founder


Photographer, Freelance Architect, Artist, WeekendVision Co-founder, 


Entrepreneur, Marketeer,

WeekendVision Business Manager

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